Jonathan Bartley responds to the government's plan to tackle coronavirus

3 March 2020

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, said:

“The government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak will require detailed and thorough scrutiny to ensure everything is being done to protect and care for the public.

“This will be a time of colossal change and the government has a duty of care to all those who will be adversely affected, including those who stand to lose out economically for example through increased bills or loss of income.

“As the number of cases escalates, Green councillors will be doing all they can to support their local communities and help them come together to look after the most vulnerable.

“In the Lambeth ward I represent, like Green councillors up and down the country, I will be working with colleagues to ensure the local authority is in a position to keep vital services running, as best they can. Government must also play its part in ensuring that local communities are empowered and supported to do so.”